STOLEN DOWNLOADS (Braxon Carter Book 3)

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Drama and Romance doesn’t get any better than in Milton.

Stolen Downloads (Braxon Carter Book 3)Milton’s Chief of Police Braxon Carter is on the hunt for a drug dealing woman killer, named Micheal Castro whose disappeared off the radar. His search takes a turn when a petite potty mouth hacker Audra Page, hired to find dirt on cabinet members for his governor cousin, sends sexy texts, cracks his departments database and sends a midnight message which sets him on collision course with her.

Hot sensual kisses wove the hard bodied, stormy eyed cop, Braxon Carter into Audra Page’s dreams, her hacking his personal information cemented him in her mind and now she’s finally ready to step out of her isolated world of computers and into his, the only question is will her past come back to her and ruin her chance at true love?

Follow Braxon and Audra as they spiral together in this new romantic suspense of crime solving and wild crazy romance.

Purchase Stolen Downloads on Amazon


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