Writing the First 3 Braxon Carter Novels

When I decided to write a series I had no idea what I was doing. I wrote and wrote. Four weeks later I had three novels and had created a fictional city, family and characters which overtook my life. The more I wrote, the more indepth this series became.

 Invaded Privacy was the first book written in this series and do due a series of fortunate or ‘unfortunate’ events, a very down scaled version of the original story was published. It was not a bad version, but it was devoid of the voices I wanted to bring across to the reader. I went back to the original draft, edited and rewrote.

A new “updated” version of Invaded Privacy was launched. It includes Clay and Selah’s romance in it which was deeply edited from the first publication. I hope you enjoy it and continue to read onward and follow Braxon and his Carter family through the trials and triumphs of Milton.


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