Invaded Privacy Sale

Invaded Privacy Sale

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Invaded Privacy (Braxon Carter Book 1)“Clayton, can we stop at my parents on the way back to my place?” Selah asked as they neared the city limits. Her cell phone starting chiming with missed messages as soon as they hit civilization. She answered texts, listened to voice mail the last one from her father.
“Sure, I’ll wait in the truck for you.” The last thing he wanted to do was chit chat with the Judge while his daughter was standing next to him in her pretty blue dress with no panties on.
“Killjoy.” Selah chided as she set her phone down in her bag. “Honestly I don’t want to go either but my father left a message,” she lowered her voice and added a heavy southern drawl, “of utmost importance.” She mimicked as he laughed at her antics. “I have an appointment with him later in the week for business, so it must be urgent or he wouldn’t have called. Besides you’re not sitting in the truck.” She stated emphatically, “my mother would torture me until I came out to get to you. So you can charm my mother with those dreamy eyes of yours, while I talk to my father, then we can make a clean get away.”
“You have this all planned out already, don’t you?” Certain her parents wouldn’t be overjoyed at another Carter man in their daughter’s life.
“Oh yes, whenever it involves my mother, having a good escape plan at hand is essential,” she reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze of anticipation.
Clayton parked behind her family’s big Victorian mansion that took up the center of the block between two city streets. “You know, I’ve never been here before.”
“You’re kidding me? Right?” She asked with a small groan.
He grabbed her hand to stop her forward momentum and turned her to face him. “Selah,” he assured her. “I can hold my own with Lilianna Jones and the Judge.”

Download your copy of Invaded Privacy now on Amazon

“Oh I know you can. We have to go through the front now, since you’ve never visited before.” She laughed lightly and guided him to gravel path that trailed through the garden to the front of the house.
“Your mother is a real blue blood isn’t she?” He asked holding her hand.
“Yes, she is, maybe the last one on earth.” Selah said wistfully, then murmured “Be brave.”
They climbed the steps to the wrap around porch as Selah cracked open one of the huge oak double doors set with hand blown lead glass and stepped silently into the foyer for a moment. Clayton noticed the house was stunning, oak floors, oak trim, molding, hand carved pocket doors, “Are these real Tiffany chandeliers?” He asked her as she nodded affirmatively and he whistled softly.
“Impressive.” He whispered in her ear standing behind her as her mother, Lilianna made an appearance at the top of the grand staircase. Clayton never paid much attention to Lilianna Jones, but now he could see where Selah got her stunning good looks. They matched in everything but their hair and eye color. Her mother had light auburn hair and Selah’s was golden red with hazel eyes fringed with dark lashes while he mother’s were light blue.
“Selah,” her mother said walking gracefully down the stairs, dressed in black skirt and a loose off the shoulder blouse with pearls. “I didn’t know you would be by this evening. Your father and I were heading over to the club.” She said in a smooth voice with an old Virginia lilt.
“It’s fine Mama. We aren’t going to stay long, Daddy said to stop by as soon as I could.” She stepped aside from Clayton to make introductions.
He kissed her mother’s hand instead of shaking it, addressing her with his best southern accent as Mrs. Jones.
Lilianna smiled charmingly, walked over to a set of oak pocket doors and pulled them open to reveal a brightly painted room, with large windows, a fireplace, floral furniture and antiques. “Sit in the parlor.” She directed, “Your father is almost ready to leave. I’ll tell him you are here.” She motioned to the young couple then left to go back upstairs.
They stepped into the parlor as directed. She leaned toward him and whispered, “Brown-noser.” He laughed at her scrunched up face, tugged her further into the room and kissed her until they heard voices and footsteps on the stairs.
“Hurry up, so we can get out here.” He let her go reluctantly to stand inspection again, this time by the Judge. One down, one to go. Culture dictated this ritual, especially in the south and by virtue of manners. A plus in his favor was his family had as many roots in their part of Virginia as the Jones’ did and more money, though his cousin might have cast a sour note on his sudden arrival. Nothing was said out right to discourage his attentions toward Selah. At least not yet.
Pearce Jones arrived downstairs with his wife, who had already informed of Selah arrival with Clayton Carter and given her opinion on the matter. Most of his wife’s lamenting over his daughter he took with a grain of salt, especially the fact Selah had not married yet. He wasn’t ready to give away favorite daughter yet mostly based on the fatherly fact that no man was good enough for her.
Clayton noticed Selah smile and give genuine affection to her father when he walked in the room. She introduced him as they exchanged a firm hand shake and niceties, then her father excused them to talk in private and left him at the mercies of Lilianna.
Selah followed her father across the hall to the formal library, Pearce pulled open the double pocket doors enough to let them in, shut them, then turned to face his daughter with concern on his face. “Assistant Chief Carter came to see me today about a search warrant. Your business and name is on his radar. Is there something you want to tell me?” The stunned look on her face gave away the fact she had no clue what her father was talking about.
“He what?” She cried incredulously in outrage.
Her father held up a hand before she went off half cocked, “You do know Chief Anderson is missing?”
Selah nodded pushing down her anger, “Yes, I heard about lunch time. They haven’t found him yet?”
“No. And the longer he is gone the worse it gets.”
“What does this have to do with me?” She demanded. If Braxon Carter wanted to get under skin after last night, he was doing a damn good job it. She could feel her blood pressure soar at the thought of his superior, arrogant, self possessed attitude.
“I don’t know.” He confessed honestly, “and actually I shouldn’t even be discussing this with you. However, I would highly suggested you disengaged yourself from Mr. Clayton Carter this evening and go to the police station and find out what AC Braxon Carter is digging into concerning you. Tell him I highly suggested you stop by to see him.”
“Oh hell no!” She shouted loud enough to be heard across the hall. “I will not! I absolutely WILL NOT.”
Pearce held his hand up again to quiet her down. Never once did he see her break down after the relationship with Braxon ended. He never saw a tear, weepy eye, just stoic looks and determination to move forward. He was proud of her for that. On the other hand, while her mother reveled in her community service, he felt she worked too much, too long and too hard. It was suddenly apparent there was a raging scorned woman under all that professionalism she showed in public.
Selah paced the library in fury then turned to father, “Braxon Carter can rot in hell Daddy.” She gritted her teeth as stepped closer, “If he wants something from me, he can get his search warrant.” She yelled stomping across the room, throwing the back office door open then turned back toward her father, “You have my permission to give it to him, because I will take it apart word by word.Sue him in court and kick him and his badge from here to back to DC… The god damned Son of Bitch!” And she disappeared into the house.
Clayton appeared at the open door and to see Pearce rubbing his face and shaking his head as Lilianna tapped him on the shoulder, “Straight back to the kitchen, open the closet door, it goes to the back stairs.” He saw her pointing toward the back of the house and noticed the sadness in her eyes. “We’re leaving now. We’re late. Nice to meet you Clayton.” She said gracefully as she moved past him to her husband.

Download your copy of Invaded Privacy now on Amazon


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