George’s Bar & Grill in Milton

Many have asked where I got the concept of George’s and quite simply if you visited the city I live in. Franklin VA. You will find a restaurant in the old towne by river called Fred’s.

George’s in the Braxon Carter novels is Fred’s. Down to the brick walls erected in the 1800’s, the worn oak floors, the bar with the big screen which unfortunately shows more Redskin football than should be allowed and a patio with with a lovely alcove and wrought iron gates and chairs.

Fred’s in Franklin is a bedrock of our community. It been around for 70+yrs. It’s where locals congregate for coffee, talk farms, city politics, and in our little town all the downtown business do really close from 12-1pm for lunch. You will find those people at Fred’s. This iconic business was too much of lure for this author not to weave into my stories.

And now you know the back story…

Fred'sPhoto credit Douglas W. Reynolds, Jr


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